Internet hospitals flocked to the sky, this will be the new mobile medical model of it?

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  Mobile medical company layout Internet + hospital is to find a new way of realization, and medical information company intended to seek medical data, through the cloud platform, cloud hospital to provide remote diagnosis and treatment services. Medical information company's advantage lies in its own line of hospital resources, most of them are traditional HIS manufacturers in the mobile Internet + era to make the transition and change. For example, Kingdee Medical plans to establish a regional medical service platform through the Internet + hospitals, and then build a regional based on the classification of treatment platform, and then serve the C-terminal patients.

  Internet + the emergence of the hospital, in fact, is "Internet + + medical" evolving process. 39 Internet + hospital executive dean Pangcheng Lin said, "Internet + + medical" can be divided into three stages. The first stage is the single hospital information, and its manifestations are single hospital or independent or linkage of the information system; the second phase is "network hospital", that is, a single entity through the Internet to expand the service radius of the hospital, Enhance the level of medical services; the third stage is "Internet + hospital".

  Internet + the concept of the hospital started hot, began in December 2015 appearance of the Wuzhen Internet + hospital.

  Wuzhen Internet + hospital "born" comes with numerous halo: during the first World Congress appearance, and was greatly concerned about the study, there are a number of academicians and dean opened, Ma also went to the scene.

  Wuzhen Internet + hospital and Guangdong Network Hospital, the biggest difference is that it can achieve a nationwide connection between doctors and patients. The Guangdong network hospital is more by the hospital's doctors for the local patients in Guangdong to provide the appropriate services. Wuzhen Internet + hospital is an important partner micro medical group, micro-medical coverage of the country has more than 7,000 group of medical team of experts to achieve the Wuzhen Internet + hospital operations.

  Wuzhen Internet + hospital, the country began to emerge in different modes of the Internet + hospital.

  From Wuzhen Internet + hospital debut of the point of view, it is the country to vigorously promote the classification of treatment policy period.

  July 2015 to September, the State Council released in three months and the use of "Internet + +" to promote health care reform is closely related to the "guidance", specifically "on the active promotion of" Internet + + & rdquo ; Action guidance "and" on promoting the construction of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system guidance ". The development of Internet - based medical and health services, and give full play to the Internet +, large data and other information technology in the role of classification in the diagnosis and treatment, clear and actively explore the Internet + extended doctor 's orders, electronic prescription and other network health service applications. & Rdquo;

  The implementation of the policy of grading diagnosis and treatment, the rise of the Internet is the main reason for the hospital. The state on the classification of diagnosis and treatment of grass-roots first diagnosis, two-way referral, acute and slow divide, up and down linkage "mode, which" up and down linkage "is particularly important. Internet + hospital is to achieve "on-line linkage" the most convenient and effective way.

  Pang Linlin that the Internet + hospital needs to solve the problem is no longer a single hospital, but how to achieve medical resources and patient matching.

  Zhejiang Tongde Hospital Vice President Huang Feihua has said that the Internet + two-way referral and classification of treatment have a great role in promoting. The use of the Internet + technology, the first is the diagnosis, but also referral. Second, some problems are resolved directly online. Can rely on the Internet to carry out regular training, mission, improve the level of medical technology in rural areas, the patients stay in the local also has a great role in promoting.

  This year, the Internet + hospital sponsors have more Internet + medical companies, traditional pharmaceutical companies figure. This is because the NDRC proposed to prohibit the medical institutions to restrict prescription outflow policy, the companies trying to achieve the prescription outflow through the Internet + hospitals.

  Whether Wuzhen Internet + hospital, or Guangdong Network Hospital, both the nature of telemedicine is also provided through the online patient consultation service, and then to achieve online prescription, line physical pharmacy to do the appropriate distribution. Therefore, the current Internet + hospital core functions can be summarized as "online inquiry + purchase drugs".

  Internet + the hospital's core functions: "online inquiry + purchase drugs"

Internet + medical companies, the Internet + hospital is its run-profit model of an attempt to path. Internet + medical Currently viable business model is selling drugs, do insurance.

There is a certain challenge in this short period of time: because the Internet and medical companies can not provide valuable health care data that the insurance companies really want, which leads to the limited enthusiasm of the insurance companies to participate. Indeed, many companies and insurance companies to cooperate to sell the relevant insurance products, but the final results are unsatisfactory.

This year, the spring rain, lilac garden, almond doctors and other Internet + medical companies have vigorously layout line clinic, hoping to provide users with a more perfect medical experience. The fundamental reason is that the Internet + medical model can not simply rely on online to achieve long-term development, medical and line must be done in close connection.

Internet + hospital happens to be a combination of online and offline representatives. And ultimately through the online consultation to achieve drug purchase.

At the beginning of this year, Wuzhen Internet + Hospital issued a million reception point extension plan, through the development of pharmacy terminal, you can provide members with accurate booking, remote clinics, inspection, electronic prescription services, so that pharmacy has become a & ldquo; Virtual clinics, "and thus build Internet-based" drug clinic "new format, from simple drug sales upgrade for the appointment registration center, remote inquiry center, inspection and testing center and electronic prescription center.

Moreover, micro-medical group has been supported by the Zhejiang Provincial People's Social Department, Wuzhen Internet + Hospital will soon be included in Zhejiang Province off-site networking settlement.

On January 18, Ali Health signed a cooperation agreement with Wuhan Central Hospital in Hubei Province. Among them, OTC drugs can be through the day cat medicine platform or by the online shop to complete the sale, prescription drugs or by the line of compliance pharmacies to complete sales, rookie logistics network distribution. But Ali health network hospital is unable to achieve medical insurance claims.

Since then, Ali health and other second and third tier cities in Gansu opened a network of hospitals, through the establishment of pharmacy alliance to achieve drug distribution closed-loop.

Recently, access to Ridge Pharmaceutical 30 million yuan financing Kangkang blood pressure built a chronic disease Internet + hospital, its position is focused on the services of the second treatment of chronic disease patients, Purchase drugs, while helping patients to achieve chronic disease health management.

However, the Internet + the hospital in the real process of landing there are many challenges.

Internet + hospital challenge

Although mushrooming have emerged, but the Internet + hospital challenge is self-evident.

First, from a policy perspective, the lack of an effective Internet + hospital admission standards and operating specifications, or may face a certain degree of policy risk. It also makes Internet + hospital there are some difficulties in the process of educating users. & Ldquo; Most doctors and patients on the hospital's Internet + concept is not clear, there is a big doubt the reliability of its application and whether it can solve the problem. & Rdquo; Pangcheng Lin told healthier.

Internet + hospitals to be truly developed, have to rely on the national classification of treatment policies to promote health insurance online payment fully liberalized.

An informed source told the health point, the state authorities have repeatedly investigated the Wuzhen Internet + hospital, the future may refer to the relevant standards of Wuzhen Internet + hospitals, the introduction of the corresponding Internet + hospital supervision and management programs, and operating standards and standards.

In fact, most of the Internet + hospital doctors are still "part-time" state, the provision of medical services is difficult to guarantee time.

However, Palit hospital initiated the establishment of the & ldquo; Internet + Zhejiang Hospital & rdquo; is claimed to recruit full-time doctors to provide services. It will arrange full-time doctors Zuozhen day to ensure that the patient's network interrogation. The first phase of plans to open 10 surgeries later depending on the amount of additional visits. This mode is the high cost, sustainability remains to be seen. Prior warning is safe to take a good doctor recruitment of full-time doctor's way, but eventually returned to the hospital a lot of doctors phenomenon.

Kankan BP CEO, said Zeng Mingfa, Kankan Internet + chronic disease hospital located in the management of chronic disease hospital, the main provider of health management services for patients, doctors lower response timeliness requirements, thus taking its cooperation with the local primary health care institutions in Guizhou model to carry out services.

Third, the Internet + hospital wants to build a platform across the country, the moment is very difficult. The core reason is that information sharing between hospitals can not communicate. Currently limited to between doctors conjoined, regional health information platform data sharing. & Ldquo; Cloud Hospital information technology is a big trend, if the hospital can not be done to the cloud information technology, Internet + hospital functions are carried extremely limited. & Rdquo; Aglaia Medical CEO Zheng Jie told healthier.

Fourth, the current Internet + hospital is more to assume the role of prescribing prescription drugs, the service of the crowd is limited, but mainly to patients with chronic diseases. It's a long way to go if you want to achieve a true level of care.

Need to be sure that the Internet + the hospital will certainly be a trend in the future. Micro-doctors will say that as of July 2016, Wuzhen Internet + hospital online admissions has more than 21,000 passengers / day (Peking Union Medical College Hospital admissions amounted to 1.5 million passengers / day), opened half a year has more than 100 million patients Medical assistance is provided. By the end of 2016, Wuzhen Internet + hospital day reception volume will reach 80,000 -10 million passengers / day.

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