Analysis and Forecast of Annual Output Value of Biological Industry in 2012

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China's biological industry in 2010 output value of more than 1.5 trillion yuan, an average annual growth rate of 15% of the estimated output value in 2012 will be close to 2 trillion yuan. In the industrial policy support, bio-medicine, bio-agriculture, bio-manufacturing, bio-energy, bio-environmental protection is expected to usher in rapid development. Industry growth opportunities brought about by innovation. Biomedical field, major disease drugs is the focus of financial support, biotechnology drugs, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, diagnostic reagents, chemical drugs and other market space is expected to be extended in the field of bio-agriculture, bio-breeding status will be greatly enhanced, , Bio-veterinary drugs, animal vaccines, biological fertilizers will also increase the popularity of transgenic research is expected to be a breakthrough in the development of non-grain bio-ethanol, bio-diesel, bio-gas, bio-energy is the focus. Related listed companies is expected to become the rapid development of bio-industry innovation main body. In the policy support, to achieve production and research docking and the popularity of large-scale production, and promote the realization of new value-added.

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