Medical electronics technology trends outlook for 2012

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ADI not only provide a benchmark performance characteristics of the semiconductor chip, reduce the threshold of the design of medical equipment manufacturers to accelerate the launch of products to meet market demand, more system-level solutions, and even software algorithms. For example, compare a wide range of applications for portable medical personal movement condition monitoring (pedometer, fall detection, etc.), heart rate monitoring, and ECG system, ADI provides not only high-performance chip-level products, but also to the user's actual demonstration system and reference designs. In addition to the chip level, ADI has also developed a hardware and software design in typical applications for reference, as well as provide hardware, software, schematics, bill of materials, information, In addition, ADI has been sustained in the market and technical support plus large investment to further maintain and strengthen its marketing strategy formulation and implementation, and on-site to provide customers with the advantage of features of system-level technical support to help businesses grasp the market trends of medical electronic products, access to the opportunities of market competition.

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