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  When it comes to health, people tend to think of the disease, medical, hospital. In fact, health care is an important part of health, is not the only content. A good mental state, scientific way of life, improve the service guarantee is & ldquo; healthy Chinese & rdquo; construction problem in the proper meaning.

  Optimistic and positive

  Interpretation of the meaning of healthy life

  September, Beijing's most beautiful season. Badaling Great Wall ushered in a group of special guests. About one hundred cancer patients to climb the Great Wall to show their way to overcome the courage and determination of the disease.

  These cancer patients are the oldest 82 years old, the youngest 28 years old. Yao Songwang from Zhengzhou 7 years ago was diagnosed with rectal cancer, there is no desperation, he has insisted treatment, and now the disease under control, but also start a small business. Yaomang Wang attending doctor, over the age of 70 and the three-legged Chinese medicine practitioner Li Quan said: "have cancer is not terrible, adhere to medication treatment is the one hand, the key is to have a good mood, a good state of mind." There is no good mentality, even if there is no physical illness is not healthy; and these patients, although got cancer, but they are optimistic and positive, living very healthy. ”

  Health has been defined by the World Health Organization, that is, "health is not only the absence of disease, but also physical health, mental health, social well-being and moral health".

  Wang Gang, vice president of Beijing Anding Hospital, Capital Medical University, introduced in China, the average age of onset of depression in the 30-year-old to depression-based affective disorder of nearly 90 million people, and continues to grow. Depression does not only bring pain to patients, but also cause occupational impairment, resulting in social and economic burden. Therefore, a better focus on the mental health of the working population, to further enhance the public, especially the occupational groups, including depression, mental illness, including awareness and treatment rate is essential. Only pay attention to psychological problems, standardize treatment and improve cognitive function, so that physical and mental health, is the real health.

  Eat dynamic balance

  Practice a healthy lifestyle

  Shunyi District, Beijing, director of Health Promotion Office, Director of Planning Commission Director Dong Jiechang introduction, monitoring data show that adults over the age of 18 in Shunyi District overweight rate was 37.6%, obesity rate was 26.6%. To this end, Shunyi District, launched the health promotion of public welfare activities, through knowledge dissemination, behavioral intervention, etc., called on residents of the region to maintain a healthy lifestyle, weight control, reduce overweight, obesity hazards, so as to effectively control the incidence of chronic diseases The rate of rise.

  "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2016)" pointed out that the majority of our residents physical activity or lack of exercise, unreasonable diet led to the incidence of overweight and obesity increased year by year, which is a variety of chronic disease risk factors.

  "In the face of China's urgent situation of chronic disease prevention and control, we must pay more attention to prevention, health and prevention, advocating a healthy lifestyle." "Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, said Wang Longde.

  "Health China", not only rely on the traditional medical and health system "governance has been sick", but also requires education, environmental protection, pension and other areas of collaborative linkage "disease is not cured". In the context of an aging population, pension security is the current reality of a "short board".

  China's well-off society, Wang Lu, chairman of the recently held in the "second session of China's social pension innovation and development forum", said that the health of the elderly, the relationship between the well-being of hundreds of millions of families. How to strengthen the old-age security, change the mode of medical and health services, reduce the incidence of the elderly, saving individuals and the country's high medical expenses, has become a comprehensive well-off society is facing an urgent and important issue.

  "The elderly are most eager to health, but with age, decreased health is inevitable. Wu Yushao, deputy director of the National Aging Office, China's elderly prevalence of chronic diseases 70%, of which 50% of the population suffering from more than two kinds of chronic diseases. This shows that the elderly health situation is not optimistic, and the overall health literacy is relatively low, health management and health promotion work long way to go.

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