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It is mainly applicable to low temperature fast drying for Chinese medical concretes, Chinese medicinal materials, Chinese/western medicines and health care products as well as heat sensitive materials in such fields as food, biological engineering, chemistry and material. 

Materials are directly conveyed into belt-type dryer by material-feeding mechanism, covered on the conveying belt inside dryer. Specially-made roller is driven by motor to make conveying belt move in the direction of dryer barrel at the set speed. Materials are heated internally and externally via direct reaction between microwave and materials to ensure uniformity of material temperature. When drying belt moves from one end of barrel to another end, materials have been dried and cooled. When conveying belt moves in reverse direction, dried materials are peeled off from drying belt into pulverizing device through up-and-down moving cutter. Pulverized materials are discharged through two air braking hoppers. Microwave belt-type vacuum dryer is distributed on the both ends of dryer body to realize continuous materials feeding and discharge. Materials feeding/discharge part can be set in clean chamber. The entire drying process is totally enclosed without being exposed to external environment, conforming to GMP and FDA requirements. 

1.Segmental stepless adjustable microwave power ensures evenness of drying effect and achieves the aim of saving energy during operation.
2.Adopt industrial strength 1500W self-cooled transformer, designed for continuous operation, with strong and stable power. 
3.Adopt industrial strength 1050W magnetron and direct water-cooled technology to realize long continuous operation, with good performance and controllability. 
4.Vacuum system adopts water-ring vacuum pump and imported machinery sealing. Suction pressure can reach 33mbar. Stepless vacuum degree adjusting mechanism can adjust and control the vacuum degree according to different materials to realize vacuum low temperature drying.
5.Infrared temperature measurement and control system can accurately measure the temperature of materials in trays in good time, ensure accuracy of temperature control, and facilitate improving product quality.
6.Rectangle microwave guiding assembly unit is developed to have small wave-guide stationary wave, which can better match with magnetron to ensure its high output efficiency.  
7.Conveying belt adjustment tensioning device adopts electronic rectification technology to ensure stable operation of material conveying belt. 
8.Conveying belt adopts PTFE material which conforms to GMP and FDA requirements. Many kinds of material-feeding mechanisms are adopted to ensure effective drying for all types of materials like liquid, concretes, powders and granules. 
9.Realize continuous materials feeding/discharge under vacuum condition to ensure material drying at low temperature. Feeding quantity can be set according to technological requirements.  
10.Heating system can adopt microwave vacuum heating mode. Cooling system is installed with water chiller unit to ensure low cooling water temperature and better cooling effect.
11.Install material pulverizing system to realize automatic pulverization under vacuum condition. Choose screen mesh of appropriate hole size according to technological requirements. Material granularity conforms to pharmaceutical process requirement.
12.Install electronic monitoring device and vacuum sight glass hole (dual structure) to view and monitor material state in real time, grasp its characteristics and drying degree and better control operation.  
13.The monitoring of cooling water flow rate and temperature can completely avoid insufficient flow rate resulted from outlet pipe blockage, magnetron damage caused by too high water temperature.
14.Install CIP cleaning system to ensure automatic cleaning in a fast, easy way.

Equipment specification KWZD-20 KWZD-30 KWZD-50 KWZD-100 KWZD-150
Microwave operating frequency
Total power
<30 <45 <70 <125 <180
Microwave output power
20(controllable) 30(controllable)  50(controllable)  100(controllable)   150(controllable)
Evaporation capacity
Conveyor belt speed
Microwave leakage
Exterial dimension
Φ1×10×2.5  Φ1.2×10×2.5 Φ1.6×10×2.5 Φ1.8×15×3 Φ2×18×3.5

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