• Name: Tunnel-type microwave sterilizing dryer
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It is mainly applicable to fast drying for various finished/semi-finished products of Chinese/western medicines, Chinese medicinal materials, health care products and biological products as well as drying, sterilization, mould prevention for food, chemicals, agricultural byproducts, woods and paper products etc.

Drying principle: Under the action of continuous fast-changing high frequency electromagnetic field, the polarity orientation of materials will change with external electric field when passing specially-made conveying belt, resulting in movement and mutual friction effect of molecules inside materials. At this time, microwave magnetic field energy is changed into thermal energy to increase the temperature of materials. Continuous magnetic field energy is transformed into thermal energy which can dry materials quickly at low temperature.
Sterilizing principle: microwave sterilizing utilizes thermal effect and non-thermal effect to jointly kill microorganisms. 
1.Thermal effect of microwave energy: Under the action of microwave magnetic field with certain intensity, the insects and thallus in food will suck microwave energy to increase temperature due to molecular polarity changes in their body so as to cause protein denaturation and lose biological activity. Microwave thermal effect mainly has the function of fast heating sterilization. 
2.Non-thermal effect of microwave energy: High frequency electric field can change membrane potential and polar molecule structure, and change microbial body protein and physiological active substance, making microbial body dead after losing vitality. 

1.Segmental stepless adjustable microwave power ensures evenness of drying effect and achieves the aim of saving energy during operation.
2.Self-cooled industrial strength 1500W transformer is designed for continuous operation, with strong and stable power.
3. Grasp assembly technology of direct water-cooled industrial strength 1050W magnetron to realize long continuous operation. 
4.Adopt large air flow centrifugal fan, adjust dehumidifying speed of air flow regulating device according to different materials.
5.Infrared temperature measurement and control system can accurately measure the temperature of materials in good time, ensure accuracy of temperature control, and facilitate improving product quality.
6.Rectangle microwave guiding assembly unit is developed to have small wave-guide stationary wave, which can better match with magnetron to ensure its high output efficiency.
7.Conveying belt adjustment tensioning device adopts electronic rectification technology to ensure stable operation of material conveying belt.
8.Install electronic monitoring device and vacuum sight glass hole (dual structure) to view and monitor material state in real time, grasp its characteristics and drying degree and better control operation.
9.The monitoring of cooling water flow rate and temperature can completely avoid insufficient flow rate resulted from outlet pipe blockage, magnetron damage caused by too high water temperature.

Equipment specification KWSG-10 KWSG-20 KWSG-30 KWSG-40 KWSG-50
Microwave operating frequency
Total power
<12 <25 <35 <48 <50
Microwave output power
3(controllable) 6(controllable)  10(controllable)  15(controllable)   20(controllable)
Evaporation capacity
Conveyor belt speed
Microwave leakage
Exterial dimension
1×6×1.5  1×8×1.5 1×10×1.5 1×12.5×1.5 1×114.5×1.5

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