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KDH multi-direction movement mixer is widely applicable to materials mixing in such industries as pharmacy, food, chemistry, ceramic and plastic etc. With high mixing evenness, good fluidity and high capacity-load rate, it can ensure best mixing effect for granules, powder materials of different humidity, softness and specific weight, conforming to GMP and FDA requirements. 

With unique motion functions, mixing barrel does movement according to multi-direction 3D motion law, and forms multi-direction mixed movements including rotation, swing, parallel movement, cross motion, overturn and tumbling. 
During mixed operation, mixing barrel revolves both round and on its own axis to produce strong swinging and rolling action. The increasing of material inclination angle and rolling range due to pulling force by mixing barrel itself can eliminate centrifugal force disadvantage, completely ensure material free flow and diffusion action, avoid the phenomena of specific weight segregation, delamination, accumulation and mixed dead angle. Materials mixing evenness reaches 99.9%. 

1.Unique auxiliary shaft compensation servo mechanism effectively eliminates processing errors to realize stable, reliable and low-noise integrated motion. 
2.Variable frequency speed regulating: Choose different rotary speed according to the quantity, specific weight, shape and mixing ratio of materials to ensure the best mixing effect. 
3.With high loading rate, short mixing time, this equipment has loading coefficient (80%) 2 times more than common rotary mixer. 
4.Material emptying end cone of mixing barrel adopts eccentric design, without dead angles and residues. It is easy to clean, conforming to GMP requirements. 
5.Mixing barrel and machine rack can be separated and installed with color steel plates, with convenient maintenance and ong service lifetime.

Model\Item Capacity of mixing bucket
Max load capacity Recolving speed
Outlione motion size(mm)
20B 20 10 35 180 650 700 700
60B 60 30 0-21 350 1200 1250 950
100B 100 50 0-19 600 1660 1500 1150
200B 200 100 0-17 100 1800 1670 1330
400B 400 200 0-16 1300 2125 1915  1500
600B 600 300 0-14 1500 2380 2175 1750
800B 800 400 0-13 1800 2560 2280 1900
1000B 1000 500 0-12 2200 2800 2940 2000
1500B 1500 750 0-10 2600 3200 2700 2470

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