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KHZ-D high-platform wet granulator (also called wet mixing granulator) is a kind of special equipment to mix and prepare wet granules for medical powders, starches and adhesives in tablets production of pharmaceutical industry. It is applicable to mixing and granulating of powder materials in food and chemical industry. The contact part between equipment and materials is made of high quality stainless steel, conforming to GMP and FDA requirements.

Materials are added into granulating chamber through filling machine or vacuum feeding system, flow in the state of multidimensional shearing after being stirred. Adhesives are injected inside by spray gun system to make materials condense into rope-like hollow granules in suspending state. Granules convert to next process via discharge hole after granulating is finished.  

KHZ-D series high-platform wet granulator can technological requirements of solid preparations production. It is made of high quality Austenite stainless steel, equipped with operation platform, staircase and safety guard rail. It adopts PLC control and variable frequency speed regulation. Technological parameters of all operation can be automatically set according to the requirements of users, and can be printed automatically to keep authentic original records. The discharge hole of wet mixing granulator is connected to the material chamber of boiling dryer, conforming to GMP requirements of medicine production.


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