• Name: Fully-enclosed granulating and drying linkage line
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Granulating and drying linkage line is composed of wet granulating machine unit and efficient boiling dryer. Relevant machine units are connected by vacuum materials conveying system. Materials transferring is finished in the state without dust. It can adopt linkage operation and grouping unit operation, conforming to GMP requirements of pharmaceutical technology.

1.Control system consisting of PLC and HMI can intelligently control the technological data of wet granulating and boiling/drying granulating, with high automation and convenient operation and maintenance. 
2.It has full-automatic enclosed feeding/emptying system, pipeline-type connection, fast-opening clamped connection mode, without dead angles. It is easy for disassembling and cleaning. 
3.It adopts vacuum feeding device, and process conversion lifting device has higher automated production condition. Replace traditional manual operation with automated, mechanized production lines to reduce labor intensity and dust pollution.  
4.Hinge-type high-speed granulator is easy for operation, installation and cleaning. 
5. Full-automatic cleaning spray head is installed to ensure reliability of CIP automatic cleaning.

Ntegral machine unit
1.Wet granulator unit:  Under the action of vacuum feeding system, powders enter the granulator barrel through enclosed pipeline, flow in the state of multidimensional shearing after being stirred. Adhesives are injected inside by spray gun system to make materials condense into rope-like hollow granules in suspending state. Granules automatically enter boiling dryer after granulating is finished.
2.Under the action of negative pressure of dryer eccentric air fan, granules enter dryer material chamber for fast boiling and drying. The filtered clean air is heated in mode of convection by heat exchanger to a certain temperature, then extracted into vessel by eccentric air fan. Under the action of screen plate holes and negative pressure, materials form boiling state inside the dryer and hot air is fully mixed with materials. In this large area gas-solid two-phase contact, the moisture in materials (solid phase) quickly evaporates then is discharged by exhaust pipe so as to reach the aim of drying materials and improve dryness and evenness of granules. 
3.Dried granules can enter such processes as tabletting, coating or capsule padding, filling as well as sub-packaging of electuary granules.

Model\Item Wet mixing granulator Boiling dryer
Model Granulating volume Max.granulating quantity of each batch
Model Drying volume
Max.granulating quantity of each batch
60 KHZ-150D 200 60 KFG-60B  200 60
120 KHZ-250D 400 120 KFG-120B 400 120
200 KHZ-400D 650 200 KFG-200B 650 200
300 KHZ-600D 1000 300  KFG-300B 1000 300

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